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Niche-Elle NY is a ready-to-wear (RTW) women’s wear and accessories brand that captures the spirit of couture by combining unique designs with immaculate craftsmanship and flawless fit. It introduces a mix of timeless sophistication with bold, innovative fashion. Niche-Elle NY fashion utilizes high quality fabrics and finishings, including silhouettes and styles that are relevant for today’s fashion. The fashions have a classic style and a modern twist, utilizing top novelty fabrications. Niche-Elle aims to promote boldness and individuality, leaving a woman feeling transformed in her identity. 

Niche-Elle NY aims to:

  • Promote boldness and individuality, leaving a woman feeling transformed in her identity.
  • Provide modern urban, chic wear and new glamour
  • Become a reputable brand known for style, comfort, high quality fabrications, and well-made clothing
  • Focus on product quality
  • Offer quality clothing at a moderate price point, giving professional women an opportunity to dress in couture clothing that is affordable.
  • Change the lives of women by empowering them and giving them a bolder, more confident identity.
  • Be committed to innovation and sustainability
  • Offer custom couture clothing made to order.
  • Committed to manufacturing all garments in NYC.

"Women do not have to be one note. Women should not be afraid to step out and be bold with fashion.

There’s a time to be conservative, and other times make your own individual statement. Individuality brings out the true power in women.” 

“Women should be crowned for taking bold steps in their lives.”

“I want to be able to make a difference in lives with fashion.”

~Latesha Richards, Designer, Niche-Elle NY


Latesha N. Richards has a keen sense of artistry for developing fashion. Her artistic talent was developed in middle school and high school when she studied Illustration at the High School of Art & Design in New York City. After taking a 12-year hiatus from the arts to pursue another undergraduate academic study, she took a bold step in her career, and ultimately her life. She left a stable corporate career, and eventually returned to her roots in the creative visual arts, pursuing a vocation and entrepreneurship in fashion. She attended Parsons School of Design in 2005 and later, Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC pursuing Patternmaking studies. Soon after working with a number of designers, she envisioned being able to bring her bold sense of fashion to the world. The journey hasn’t been easy financially, but she understood her passion and calling to dress women. She established the brand Niche-Elle NY (named after her middle name). Today, she continues to further her education in the field  - pursuing a certificate in Tailoring. Her mentors include top designers and patternmakers in the field such as Vaughn Terry, designer for the late artist, Prince's "Purple Rain" film in the 80s. 

Richards’ brings her own voice and life experiences into creating the “Niche-Elle” brand. She holds firmly the belief that being passionate and bold changes lives – individual and others. She infuses that belief into her brand: from conservative sophisticated to bold and edgy fashion. Richards’ sense of style strikes a balance between her classic, demure, yet sophisticated couture and urban chic and edgy Brooklyn and New York City roots.